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Running a WordPress Service (SAAS) Ideas & Examples

Adii Pienar, one of the founders of WooThemes posted an interesting post the other day, entitled WordPress + SAAS. He raises some great points about why we don’t see more companies working with WordPress in this way, he cites VaultPress as a successful example. This is a model I have been thinking about a lot … Read more

25 Premium, Minimal & Grid Based WordPress Themes 2011

In yesterday’s post, I rounded up 25 Free clean, minimal and grid-based WordPress themes, in today’s post Im going to look at what the premium / commercial theme shops have to offer. Modest Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice character or style. With this theme I really wanted to strip … Read more

25 Free Clean, Minimal & Grid Based WordPress Themes 2011

Minimalism in web design means removing all extra flourishes and design touches so the design is in its purest form. This style of design is growing in popularity as people realise they want to let their content do the talking without the distraction of a website which competes with it. There are many WordPress themes … Read more

12 Fresh and Tasty Restaurant WordPress Themes

Ahh, today we have a subject close to my heart … Food and Restauarants! They say you eat food first with your eyes, the same can be said of your website – an ugly and outdated site will do you no favours winning new patrons. But once again, some talented theme designers have come through … Read more

10 things You can do Today to Improve Your WordPress blog

Is your blog perfect ? You may think so but I can assure you there is always something you can do to add to it, whether that is to improve things for your readers or give it a traffic boost. Im guilty of complacency as well ( I have been planning a redesign for WPLift … Read more

Creating eBooks from WordPress Posts and Pages

I have a client I’ve recently finished up a website for. It’s a Yoga site and the owner is well respected within her community (actually, she’s well respected outside of her community, I’d imagine. She tips nicely and smells of elderberries and baby powder) and has written quite a bit on the topic of Yoga, … Read more

WordPress Themes for iPhone, SAAS & Web App Developers

If you intend to sell software as a service ( SAAS ), a web or iPhone application then a professional looking website is essential to showcase your product to potential customers. Luckily there are a number of premium themes that cater to this type of site, in this roundup post I have tracked down 20 … Read more

WordPress eCommerce & Shopping Cart Plugins

WordPress is becoming more popular to power e-commerce sites, I think this is down to people being familiar with it, having access to a huge range of plugins and themes and the fact that its search engine friendly. For small companies and single users wanting to have a cheap online presence for selling online, WordPress … Read more

Basic Steps to Set-Up a WordPress Blog Quickly & Efficiently

There could be several reasons why you would need to install your very own WordPress blog, however, you may need to do this in a short space of time, and you don’t want to make any mistakes. Installing the WordPress platform is a lot easier than it seems. There are no long and tedious installation … Read more

Translate WordPress Themes & Plugins: Advice & Resources

I have learnt from selling WordPress plugins that the WordPress user-base is more than just us english-speakers, the demand for translatable themes and plugins is huge. If you are going to be releasing a theme publicly, then you should take localization into account. Translations are carried about by using some special code in your theme … Read more

How To: Create a Knowledge Base using WordPress

My friend Andra Yogi over at ThemeWarrior has just released a new theme called “nowLedge” which enables you to use WordPress to power a knowledge base. What is a knowledge base ? In general, a knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject … Read more

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