6 Best Review Plugins for WordPress Review Sites

If you plan to review products on your WordPress site, using one of these WordPress review plugins can help you add stylish review summary boxes, collect user reviews, and more.

Better yet, all of these plugins will help you get Google Rich Snippets stars, which makes your reviews more eye-catching in Google’s organic search results. And that means more people reading your reviews!

Rather than dilly-dallying around, let’s jump straight into some of the best WordPress review plugins that I could find…

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2017

Based on personal experience and user reviews, these are the 6 best WordPress review plugins I was able to round up. I’ll note when I’ve personally used the plugin. Otherwise, I’m basing my decision on public user reviews (which seems fitting for a post about review plugins!).

1. WP Review

wp review best wordpress review plugins

WP Review is a freemium review plugin from popular developer MyThemeShop. It’s also what I use on my personal site, which is why I put this one first on the list!

The plugin helps you add stylish review boxes to your posts. You can choose from three different types of reviews:

  • Star
  • Point
  • Percentage

Each one contains proper schema markup to get you those attention-grabbing Google rich snippets stars. And you also have full control over the different criteria you rate a product on.

The free version does most of what you need already – so most people can probably stick with it.

But if you want more functionality, WP Review Pro offers added features like:

  • More styling options
  • User ratings in comments
  • A dedicated widget to showcase highest-rated products
  • Shortcodes for more control over where your review boxes show up

Get WP Review Get WP Review Pro

2. WP Product Review

wp product review

WP Product Review is another freemium option, this time from ThemeIsle.

The plugin creates a gorgeous review box that lets you:

  • Rate the product on different criteria
  • Showcase a pros/cons list
  • Send visitors to the buy now link

You can, of course, change up the colors to fit your site. And if you don’t want to use specific aspects of the review box, you can disable them as needed.

One nice thing about this plugin is that even in the free version, you get access to:

  • User reviews
  • A top products widget

And if you upgrade to WP Product Review Pro, you’ll also get:

  • Custom icons
  • Amazon integration – automatically import product information from Amazon (including price!)
  • Shortcodes for more control over positioning
  • Automatically generated comparison tables from previous reviews
  • More control over styling

All in all, WP Product Review is another solid option – it just depends whether you like its styling and niche features more than WP Review.

Get WP Product Review Lite Get WP Product Review Pro

3. WP Rich Snippets

wp rich snippets

WP Rich Snippets is a premium plugin from the same author as the free Author hReview plugin. With that being said, the two are technically separate plugins and I’ll be focusing on WP Rich Snippets for this section.

Like the previous two review plugins, WP Rich Snippets helps you add a stylish review box to your WordPress posts.

You can choose from 4 different rating types:

  • Star rating
  • Percentage
  • Votes
  • Aggregate

You can even display separate boxes for your rating and your users’ ratings, which is a nice touch.

Like the others, you can also add:

  • Your own custom criteria
  • A review summary
  • A button to direct traffic

And all of your reviews have the proper schema markup to generate Google Rich Snippets.

If you need even more functionality, WP Rich Snippets also has a number of paid extensions that can do things like:

  • Add a product comparison table
  • Integrate with WooCommerce
  • Show locations on a Google Map
  • Lots more

I’ve had the opportunity to personally review WP Rich Snippets before and it’s definitely a well-designed plugin.

A single site license for the core plugin costs $69. The premium add-ons might add further to that cost.

You can also buy a professional package that works on unlimited sites and includes all of the add-ons for $199, which might come out cheaper than purchasing the add-ons separately.

Get WP Rich Snippets

4. Reviewer


Reviewer is a premium WordPress review plugin for sale at Code Canyon. In fact, it’s actually the best-selling review plugin at Code Canyon by a large margin.

The plugin helps you add both review boxes and comparison tables to your content. You can also accept user reviews and, like WP Rich Snippets, display separate ratings for your own review and the user reviews.

The user reviews are especially detailed and easy to display. And other visitors can vote up or down on user reviews to help filter out the most helpful reviews.

All in all, I think this is one of the best options if you need to collect and display user reviews. Don’t get me wrong – it still looks totally fine for personal reviews as well. It just shines when it comes to user reviews.

Its 4.74-star rating on over 312 reviews suggests others agree with me!

Reviewer costs just $13 with standard Envato licensing.

Get Reviewer

5. Taqyeem

After Reviewer, Taqyeem is the second most popular review plugin for sale at Code Canyon.

It lets you choose from three different review styles:

  • Stars
  • Points
  • Percentages

No matter which you choose, Taqyeem adds schema markup so that you can get Google Rich Snippets.

Additionally, you can fully customize colors and review criteria as needed. And there’s an option to add user ratings, as well.

One thing to note about Taqyeem is that it has a fairly unique style for the review box. That’s not a bad thing – I personally like it. Just a note!

Taqyeem costs $22 with standard Envato licensing.

Get Taqyeem

6. Rich Reviews

rich reviews

Rich Reviews is a free review plugin with a slight twist – it’s dedicated to helping you collect customer reviews to display as Google Rich Snippets.

Rather than a review box that you add to your posts, Rich Reviews gives visitors a review comment form that they can fill out. You can then moderate these reviews before displaying them on your site.

Once you approve some reviews, Rich Reviews will add the relevant schema markup to ensure that you get your Google Rich Snippets.

Again – it’s not as flexible as the previous 5 plugins. But if all you want is Google Rich Snippets, it’s a solid option.

Get Rich Reviews

Which Of These WordPress Review Plugins Should You Choose?

If you’re just interested in adding a good-looking review box to your WordPress site without breaking the bank, I think your two best options are WP Review or WP Product Review Lite.

And if you’re just looking to add Google Rich Snippets to your site and don’t care about review boxes, Rich Reviews is another solid free option.

On the other hand, if you need more functionality and are willing to pay, you might want to put a bit more thought into things:

  • WP Product Review Pro is nice if you’re reviewing Amazon products because it has the dedicated Amazon integration.
  • Reviewer is nice if you’re planning to collect and display a lot of user reviews.
  • WP Rich Snippets is a good all-purpose option because it has so many extensions that add on niche features.

Now over to you – which of these WordPress review plugins is your favorite and why? Or, do you think there’s one that I missed which deserves to be on the list?

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.

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