Version 1.5 of the BuddyPress plugin was released the other week, at the moment there is a community effort to check which plugins are compatible with this new release. If you want to upgrade to this latest version of BuddyPress then here are the plugins you can safely use so far …

BuddyPress Media

BuddyPress Media can exchange media items and data with other social networks, allowing your users “drag and drop” photos, audio, and videos between Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, or SoundCloud and their BP-Media albums. The plugin supports multiple user classes, and has eCommerce capabilities to help you monetize your website.

BuddyPress Media »

BuddyPress Mobile

Mobile BuddyPress theme optimized for viewing on iPhone, iPod touch. Will also work on Android and some Blackberry devices.

BuddyPress Mobile »

BuddyPress Share It

Adds a ‘share’ button to activities, forum topics and blog posts and groups allowing users to ‘share’ the item.

BuddyPress Share It »

CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble

After moving your mouse pointer on a BuddyPress user avatar (or clicking it) you will see a bubble with the defined by admin information about this user.

CD BuddyPress Avatar Bubble »

Private BuddyPress

Protect your BuddyPress Installation from strangers. Only registered users will be allowed to view the installation and all other users will be redirected to the login page. Users attempting to view blog content via RSS are also authenticated via HTTP Auth.

Private BuddyPress »


Searchengine optimization plugin for WordPress & Buddypress

SEOPress »

BP Xtra Signup

This plugin lets you add a Terms of Service checkbox and, optionally, a Mailchimp signup checkbox to your BuddyPress registration page. Additionally, an ajax username availability check, a password strength meter, email check and date of birth check can be activated.

BP Xtra Signup »

BuddyPress Verified

Allows admins to specify verified accounts like on Twitter. Adds a check on user profiles

BuddyPress Verified »

BP User Profile Map

Add a map display of a members location to their BuddyPress profile.

BP User Profile Map »

BuddyPress Groups Extras

After activating your groups will have ability to create any custom fields they want. Also extra page will appear with chosen content.

BuddyPress Groups Extras »

BP Labs

BP Labs contains three unofficial BuddyPress experiments; @mentions autosuggest, Quick Admin, and Activity Stream Spam. All experiments are in beta, and come with no guarantees.

BP Labs »

BuddyPress Default Data

Plugin will create lots of users, messages, friends connections, groups, topics, activity items – useful for testing purpose.

BuddyPress Default Data »

BP Gallery

Bp Gallery is the ultimate gallery plugin for your Buddypress powered site. It Gives you complete control over the media. Since the files are stored on your server, so you have full control over the media and you don’t have to worry about giving your private data to anyone else.

BP Gallery »

Invite Anyone

The ability to invite members to the site by email. The plugin creates a tab on each member’s Profile page called “Send Invites”, which contains a form where users can invite outsiders to join the site.

Invite Anyone »

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

This powerful plugin allows people to receive email notifications of group activity, especially forum posts. Weekly or daily digests available. Each user can choose how they want to subscribe to their groups.

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription »

BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs adds collaborative work spaces to your BuddyPress community. Part wiki, part document editing, think of these Docs as a BuddyPress version of the Docs service offered by the Big G

BuddyPress Docs »

Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress

Out of the box, BuddyPress automatically turns some words and phrases in the fields of a user’s profile into links that, when clicked, search the user’s community for other profiles containing those phrases. When activated, this plugin allows users and administrators to have more control over these links

Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress »

BuddyPress Member Profile Stats

This plugin will display a member since and a few simple count totals for status, topics, posts, blog comments along with a per day average.

BuddyPress Member Profile Stats »

oEmbed for BuddyPress

The easiest way to share your favorite content from sites like YouTube, Flickr, Hulu and more on your BuddyPress network.

oEmbed for BuddyPress »

BP Group Management

This plugin creates an admin panel at Dashboard > BuddyPress > Group Management. On this panel, site admins can manage BP group membership by banning, unbanning, promoting and demoting current members of any group, adding members to any group, and deleting groups.

BP Group Management »

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