Shortcodes can be extremely handy to add extra functions or design features to your site, lots of themes these days have them built-in which probably isnt the best way to handle them as if you change themes you will lose functionality. A better way is to have them included within a plugin so even if you change themes, all those codes contained within your posts will still be there. There is a good range of free and commercial plugins which provide extra shortcode functionality and even let you create your own custom ones. So lets take a look what is on offer …

Free Shortcode Plugins

Arconix Shortcode Collection

Arconix Shortcodes provides a number of useful design elements to compliment any website.

Arconix Shortcode Collection »

Shortcodes Ultimate

With this plugin you can easily create buttons, boxes, different sliders and much, much more. Turn your free theme to premiun in just a few clicks. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can quickly and easily retrieve many premium themes features and display it on your site.

Shortcodes Ultimate »

Shortcodes Pro

Shortcodes Pro allows quick and easy creation of WordPress shortcodes and TinyMCE rich editor buttons from the comfort of the WordPress interface.

Shortcodes Pro »

J Shortcodes

J Shortcodes plugin offers collection of useful shortcodes to compliment and enrich any wordpress theme, blog and website.

J Shortcodes »

WP Boilerplate Shortcode

Provides a shortcode that when inserted will display the body from a referenced “boilerplate” post type.

WP Boilerplate Shortcode »

Shortcode Exec PHP

Execute arbitrary, reusable PHP code in posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds using shortcodes in a safe and easy way

Shortcode Exec PHP »

ShortCodes UI

This Plugin adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.

ShortCodes UI »

Commercial Shortcode Plugins

All-In-One Shortcodes

All-In-One Shortcodes plugin allows you to add endless amount of easy-to-use shortcodes combinations of to ANY WordPress theme and customize the appearance of your content in seconds. Almost each shortcode comes loaded with practically unlimited colors, size and icon combinations.

All-In-One Shortcodes »

Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

This plugin lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before by using Shortcodes. Choose from 100 built in Shortcodes like; jQuery Accordion, Tabs and Toogle, Tooltips, Column Shortcodes, Gallery and Image Shortcodes, Button Styles, Alert Box Styles, Pullquotes, Blockquotes, Twitter buttons, Retweet button, Facebook Like, Follow me on Twitter buttons, Linkedin, Google +1, Flattr  and many more.

Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress »

CSS Tooltip add-on for Styles With Shortcode

We have created a Add-On plugin for Styles with Shortcodes, which makes it easier than ever to add beautiful looking CSS Tooltips and Speech Bubbles on your WordPress powered website.

CSS Tooltip add-on for Styles With Shortcodes »

Sliding Tabs add-on for Styles with Shortcodes

Create cool looking jQuery powered Sliding Tabs with the simplicity of Shortcodes in WordPress. Create any number of tabs and make them slidable with the mouse scroll wheel or the directional buttons.

Sliding Tabs add-on for Styles with Shortcodes »

Author Bio Add-on for Styles with Shortcode

The plugin adds 9 additional Shortcodes to the Styles with Shortcodes plugin. With this plugin you can easily insert Author Bio’s and Author Gravatar’s into Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types.

Author Bio Add-on for Styles with Shortcodes »

Image Zoom add-on for Styles with Shortcodes

With this plugin you can easily add zoom-in functionality to any image on your website. Choose between 4 different pre-defined CSS frames.

Image Zoom add-on for Styles with Shortcodes »

Icon List Shortcodes

Easy to use, reusable icon list entered as a shortcode in any page or post. 108 Icons Included (Mono by Tutorial9) or link to your own.

Icon List Shortcodes »

Tabbed Content Shortcode

A clean, easy to integrate, reusable tabbed content area for your WordPress themes.

Tabbed Content Shortcode »


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  1. Frank M

    You posted this just as I finished writing a shortcodes plugin for my themes. Its great to see how others have done it.

  2. Peter Guirguis

    Oli, may I please ask you if you have a favorite out of all these plug-ins that you would personally recommend? I know that many of them are great but if you had to choose, which one would you go with?


  3. HeroicTuts

    The icon list is awesome. Great collection!

  4. Akik

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. I will try these. 

  5. אוהד רז

    Nice to see my plugin in your list :)

  6. Nice Collection!
    Thank You!

  7. Noticias de Tecnologia

    All in One Shortcodes looks awesome, i think that i’ll buy for one of my sites. Thanks for sharing

  8. This is exactly the subject I was researching tonight. I’m using Shortcodes Ultimate on my website but I want something with more features and this post is what I need.
    I’ve checkedStyles with Shortcodes for WordPress and it looks pretty good.
    Just to let you know: some WordPress themes providers embed shortcodes in their themes and looking on Themeforest I came across some themes that had shortcodes included. 

  9. Very nice collection.  Off to admin panel to instal Arconix and play with it. Thanks

  10. Fery Wardiyanto

    woa! nice collections..
    would be great if you separate betwen free and premium plugins in next post,,,

  11. I have checked this page and found that its missing one another useful free plugin (Easy bootstrap shortcodes) to create responsive content based on twitter bootstrap 3.0, you can check:

  12. Hey there I’ve just created a button generator plugin with a difference, it doesn’t use shortcodes – you can see them live in your post editor too making it a much easier way to create your own buttons and add them to posts :)

    Hope someone finds it useful.

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