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WordPress is a very search engine friendly CMS by default. It can be made even more friendly by using essential WordPress SEO settings and plugins. There are currently two very popular WordPress plugins to help you strengthen your site’s search engine friendliness. Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin and the Grand old Daddy of SEO plugins, All in One SEO Pack.

I don’t use SEO plugins for my personal websites, but recently I came across a situation where I had to advise someone on search engine optimization, due to their lack of skills with WordPress I had to recommend them a plugin. That’s how I came across this point where I had to choose one of these two great plugins.

Yoast WordPress SEO


Yoast’s WordPress SEO has more features than All in One SEO. Apart from the usual Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords optimization, Yoast WordPess SEO offers XML sitemaps, robots.txt and .htaccess configuration, breadcrumbs, RSS optimization and page analysis tool.

Yoast also makes it easier for new users to understand what it does. Once installed the user is immediately shown a tour that uses the latest WordPress feature of on Screen Tool tips. The tour quickly explains the options a new user would want to configure and it also explains some unique features of the plugin. This is something that all powerful plugins should follow.

The social tab of Yoast’s WordPress SEO allows you to add OpenGraph Meta Data to your site’s section. This helps you better integrate your website with Facebook.

Yoast WordPress SEO also makes it easier for users of All in One SEO plugin to import their data. Users can also export their Yoast SEO settings.

Breadcrumbs is a term used in the user interface design for a navigation trail. Yoast WordPress SEO helps you add and configure breadcrumbs for your WordPress Website. Breadcrumbs also enhance your listing on search engines and increase the visibility as well as relevancy of your listing in the results.

The plugin has a very active community of fans behind it, so community support options for the plugin work very well in most cases. Apart from the official WordPress forums, you can also ask questions about using this plugin on any webmaster forum and it will get answered quickly due to the huge number of fans and web developers who are using this plugin.


Yoast WordPress SEO is an easy to use plugin even for newbies. However, it does not exactly work out of the box. The user should configure it before it can actually be useful for them. The good thing is that the developer has realized this need and has explained everything without exhausting a new user. I particularly liked the new “tour” feature that quickly familiarizes a new user with the plugin.

Yoast WordPress SEO adds a widget in your Post Edit screen, Where you can see a preview of how your website might appear in search results. The snippet shown with some posts on my site, made me realize why anyone would want to click on this result? This forced me to improve Meta description of several posts and pages on my website.

Page Analysis tool in this widget analyzes your post/page and shows your score accordingly. It looks for meta description, title, keywords, usage of main keyword in different sections of the page, word limit, readability, etc. Checking for warnings on this page will improve not only just the search rankings but also the usability of your website. The social tab in the widget allows you to add different descriptions for Facebook and Google Plus.

All in One SEO Pack


All in One SEO pack is around since a long time, it is one of the most popular and well known WordPress plugin. There are less features in All in One SEO Pack than in Yoast WordPress SEO, but it does not mean that All in One SEO Pack is any less powerful. As I mentioned earlier in the “Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Plugin”, the right plugin is the one that suits your needs.

After installing All in One SEO Pack, first thing you notice is that ugly red warning asking you to enable the plugin from the plugin admin page. I wish the plugin authors would at least make it a little less ugly. The admin page, has affiliate links of some famous WordPress Theme and Plugin developers. Skipping the ads you will find the options. If you want to permanently skip the ads then you can subscribe for the paid version of the plugin.

Unlike Yoast WordPress SEO, All in one SEO Pack has this single admin page for the configuration of the plugin. Each setting has a little description that appears when clicked. This page allows you to change the home page Title, Meta Description and keyword options. Then it allows you to choose Canonical URLs, choose title format for Page, Category, tag and other type of content on your website.

The post edit interface for ALL in One SEO pack is also way too simpler. It allows you to change the Title, Description and keywords of the page. You can also leave it blank and the plugin will use your post title as page title, first 150 words for description and tags for keywords.

All in One SEO is around for a long time now. For support and troubleshooting you can ask on official WordPress forums, or upgrade to premium version of the plugin and ask on the plugin website. In 90% cases you will get your question answered on WordPress forums or other webmaster forums. However, remember it is nice to donate and pay for subscription of the plugins to show your appreciation of the work done by the authors.


There should be no doubt that ALL in One SEO is not as feature rich as Yoast. But it does have some powerful features. I particularly liked the simplicity of options, less choice means that I will not have to spend a lot of time on configuration of the plugin.

All in One SEO plugin works out of the box in most cases. Once enabled it automatically picks up description and keywords from content and tags of your posts. You can configure them yourself if you want but if you have like 1000 or more posts than imagine the time it would take for you to fine tune each single post.

All in One SEO also has Google analytics integrated into it. This means that you can enter your Google analytics ID in the admin section and it will track your visitors. I don’t know why any one would want to do that? I usually paste the analytics code in the footer section of my website so I don’t know why I should use it with All in One SEO.


I think most people would say that Yoast is a clear winner here and maybe they are right. But the thing is that All in One SEO Pack is not a bad plugin either, it does all the things that one would want their SEO plugin to do. Breadcrumbs can be created within your WordPress themes, Keyword Analysis can be done by plugins and browser extensions, there are excellent plugins for sitemaps, and why would anyone want to edit robots.txt and .htaccess inside their admin section? I mean if a user is able to understand and edit these files then they are probably users with advanced skills and can do that manually anyway.

In my opinion All in One SEO is not lacking in features, it does lack in terms of ease of use, support, user friendliness and design. Yoast is a winner because it has an extra layer of polish that is missing from All in One SEO. The pointer tips tour, the page analysis tool, the snippet generator, all of this makes the user experience better.

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Noumaan is a blogger and social media expert. He loves Quora, Facebook, Wordpress, OpenSource Software and The Sims.

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  1. I understand why you think that you could also use separate plugins for these, but I think you’re wrong. If you decide that a certain page shouldn’t be indexed, you can add a noindex to it with my plugin. This, by default, also removes it from the XML sitemap. 

    The fact that you can edit the breadcrumbs from within the advanced settings of my meta box is pretty important too: you have full control over what appears in the breadcrumb, which is especially important if you have a hierarchy in pages and the individual pages have longer title.

    SEO is not a big set of single actions, it’s the integration of all the different small things that matter, that’s why I made a plugin that does it all.

    • Anonymous

      Firstly, I am so glad to see you comment on my post and thank you for writing such a wonderful plugin for us. I totally fell in love with the tour and over all better user experience that YWSEO offers. 

      I totally agree that the plugins, which come with Yoast’s WordPress SEO are very useful and make things a lot easier for website administrator. You are right that this is probably better in many cases. For those, who are using AIOSEOP, I had to mention that if they want to use AIOSEOP they can still have the additional functionality by adding more plugins. I agree that the integration of all small things make big difference in the optimization.

    • MudassarJ

      @twitter-6453512:disqus I really like your plugin and the options you have added. I recently installed removing my old All In One SEO, but once in every 24 hours it shows the 0 pages indexed/submitted in my google webmaster tool. I have to submit the sitemap again and again and then it keep pending for a while before it shows the data again. It has really damaged my URL appearance in the search. I am looking for a solution or rather reason. Would you help me Joost?

    • One question: Why don’t you use your plugin on your site? :)

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Joost (creator of the Yoast plugin and all around nice guy).

    I never leave home without Yoast:-)!

    I use it on all my WordPress projects except for one where Yoast wouldn’t work and I ended up using All in One SEO instead and if I have anything to say about it, never again! Yoast is superiour by far in my opinion.

  3. There’s no contest for me. WordPress SEO is one of just two plugins that I install on every single site. It combines so many plugins into a single plugin and works so well, that I still can’t believe it’s free sometimes. AIOSEOP just doesn’t cut it any more for me.

    • That seems to be the opinion of most people – I use All in One on WPLift but thinking of switching over – will probably save for the redesign.

    • Anonymous

      I think most people use AISEOP because they are using it for a long time and feel more comfortable with it. It still offers functionality and is still popular. 

      I wish plugin authors would do something about improving user experience to provide better competition to Yoast’s plugin. Competition is good for everyone :) 

      • I agree that AIOSEOP is in widespread usage more because it once was the go-to plugin for SEO, but times have changed and people haven’t changed with it unfortunately. I agree that competition is good, but in the Open Source world, when something is already so good and in my opinion, flawless, why try and redo it? If it ain’t broke…

  4. Anonymous

    What about Platinum SEO???

  5. I agree that Yoast is great. All in one seo was a plugin that was bought from the real developer …  so I think that’s why is missing the polish …

  6. David

    Nice article, Noumaan!  I, too, think Yoast is really great.  

    I am with you on the crude “All In One…”  warning.  I think these come from developers who have been asked 1 too many times for basic help, and they like writing software, not doing support, so they “yell” that way.  :-)   “All In One…” also nags about upgrading in an irritating.  

    I think it lags behind several SEO plugins now, such as SEO Ultimate, which is my fave – it is techie, but will give you an education in SEO if you read carefully, and is not hard to use for me.  

    Quite frankly, I think the main reason “All In One” is still popular is because people just look at the number of downloads & don’t search any further, just like with the bug-laden WP Ecommerce.  

    • Anonymous

      Thank you David. There is no doubt that in many categories there are plugins far better than the popular plugins in that category. Finding the perfect plugin in such abundance is really tricky and becoming more difficult each day. As you mentioned, many plugin authors do not care to provide support, or promote their plugins in an efficient manner that provides the plugin more visibility and recognition from the community. One thing that is common in all popular plugins is that their authors take interest in how their plugin is used, provide support, write documentation and answer questions. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I think it pays off to the plugin author in many ways. 

  7. I have set quite a few custom titles with All in One – does anyone know if these will be kept when switching to Yoast’s ?

  8. Kevin

    Hi Noumaan, Kevin Stacey here..

    First off, this post is extremely thorough! I don’t see too many
    bloggers going into detail like you have…that’s the mark of a blogger
    who knows their SEO plugin. For optimization, free plugins like All in
    One SEO Pack are really great as it lays down the basic SEO foundation
    for a WordPress site, but every blog is different and nothing works best
    for everyone.

    I always suggest looking at a side-by-side comparison of the best seo
    plugins for WordPress in order to make an informed decision of what the
    best plugin is for that blogger and their website’s specific needs.

    Here’s my most recent write-up on the subject:

    SEO Pressor vs Easy WP SEO vs Scribe SEO

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Great article btw…I’ll be referencing this post on my main blog

  9. Nice post Noumaan, personally I use Yoast, if for no other reason than it came highly recommended. On page analysis and relatively user friendly are winners for me. Yes it has extensive options available for the hardcore SEO pro, but for me it is a winner of AIOSEO.

    Having said that you cannot discount AIOSEO, one of my old sites was using it and it was very good indeed, slightly more simplistic compared to Yoast’s. Whilst some would argue that AIOSEO has less features so it can’t be as good etc.

    For me it is a case of assessing your own needs, do you want granular control over every single element to do with SEO? = Yoast

    Do you want an easy to use SEO plugin that will the jobs just as well to a degree with less functionality? = AIOSEO

    Again great post Noumaan, just tweeting it now!

  10. Admin - bargii.

    I found this site whilst deciding whether to use Yoast or all-in-one seo for my new site http://www.bargii.ca. It was well ranked on google search for ‘yoast vs all in one seo’ term – so I guess someone, somewhere is doing something right! Im opting for yoast based on this article. If works i’ll use it for (forthcoming) http://www.bargii.co.uk aswell. FYO its a supermarket best price site. Wish me luck! Thanks for the advice 

  11. Thanks for the comprehensive comparision between the plugins. Thinking about switching from All i one plugin to wordpress SEO by yoast. Wondering whether my traffic could initially drop because of this

  12. Ofertia Diseños

    I want to use yoast plugin in my siote http://www.ofertia.net , yet it is breaking up my css, any ideas on how to solution this?

  13. Wow… Yoast just posted… That might just make me switch from All in One SEO, although my site @ http://www.exercisemenu.com is ranking well

  14. tutorial thank you very much.
    simple easy to understand n familiar. thanks.
    the time will come, I make time to see your tutor again. trim’s.

  15. tutorial thank you very much.
    simple easy to understand n familiar. thanks.
    the time will come, I make time to see your tutor again. trim’s.

  16. im using two these plugin in one time. . :)

  17. Rusty A

    We just added Yoast to http://www.energyadvisorygroup.net check it out

  18. Rusty A

    Great program take a look at it in action on out site http://www.energybrokergroup.com
    where we discuss energy deregulation and energy consultancy services

  19. I moved back to “All in One SEO”. I found it better.

  20. Sanjeshpc

    i am think all in one better for all and use in my site http://f-a.ir

  21. euluism

    I moved back to “All in One SEO”. I found it better. So many bugs
    Sorry my bad english

  22. Philip I

    I use yoast. My sites rank fast. http://www.seoserp.org 

    Thank you Joost

  23. Luis

    I have just installed yoast on a clients website http://www.farosweather.com . Till now I have always used all in one, so I will let you know in a few weeks if I think it is any better.

  24. Raj

    should I go with Yoast…?

  25. I’m currently using WordPress SEO by Yoast. Should I change to All in one SEO? I already learned to use the SEO by Yoast though and it seems to work nice.

  26. I use Yoast. Its great. All-in-One SEO is also good. But it is a good choice for beginners. For professionals Yoast is a perfect choice. My site getting traffic from search engine faster than before. http://www.bdbloggerz.com 

  27. Yoast rocks. It have some extra features that is not present in AIO-SEO.

  28. I use yoast seo plugin… best SEO plugin

  29. loveg2

    sir can i use both the SEO ( seo by yoast and all in one seo pack) together in my blog.

  30. loveg2

    sir can i use both the seo together in my websit.

  31. Yoast is the best plugin contents with many of rich features.

  32. John Peeler

    Excellent review! Much appreciated.

  33. I thing that i can’t see mentioned here is the fact Yoast write the code for all in one SEO plugin and then started his own.

  34. Syed Danial Munsif

    Installed wordpress seo by yast :)

  35. axymak

    I’m using YOAST’s Plugin on my tech blog Techbymak . It is a very nice and easy to use.

  36. Danielle Kwint

    After a million time delete deactivate and install Yoast and say all in one seo is the best and that for three years long, I finally can say Yoast is much better than all in one seo, it takes a longer time that all in one seo, but the results are 100 % better than all in one. It is a matter of write and creat good quality content. Big ++ is the redirect from attachements to post, the sitemap and more things! An Award for Yoast from me.

    all in one stops where Yoast goes further. I read so many reviews from both, I wanted a result in one second, you can have that with all in one, but the result will go away after a week, by Yoast the result stays forever. I tested it out and I use Yoast on all my sites now. and a big ++ Yoast has all in one. By All in one seo you must run other plugins like Google sitemaps what DOES NOT WORK! and besides that even with all the plugins, the results come never close to Yoast.

  37. Yoast SEO Plugin is a must have SEO plugin for any blog!! AIO is also good but not better than Yoast

  38. If you use All in One SEO and switch to Yoast will the titles, etc. transition over?

  39. Yoast SEO plugin is good but it takes very long time for indexing of a post when we use that plugin. If we use All in one SEO plugin, the posts get indexed within a second.
    I have tried both and I find AIO SEO better than Yoast.

  40. Hey Man, thanks for sharing this. I’ve just installed AIOSEOP yesterday and today I found that the stubborn Yoast is the alternative. I’m still confused which one I should select but I think I should stick to AIOSEOP for some time to get more clarity about “What I want from an SEO Plugin?” And then I can decide one.

  41. I have 2 similar websites and installed AIOSEO on both. I then had an issue on one of the sites and thought I’d give Yoast a go! After installation and initial set up i went to my posts and found more editing was required! The page analysis is amazing! It showed me I needed to add the keywords more times (I was at a 10% SEO level), add keywords to the image ‘alt tags’, change the order of the post titles and much more! I learnt so much more today about SEO from the Yoast plugin than the plugin I had installed for quite some time – AIOSEO!

    I could quite easily go back to my other site and edit all the posts for better SEO while staying with the AIOSEO plugin but a major factor is this post analysis!! It’s foolproof and provides great post SEO details!

  42. Thanks for the review! Love Yoast plugin.

  43. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It
    really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back
    and help others like you helped me.

  44. I will vote for Yoast SEO. because it is good plugin for newbies with all in one feature. It helped me so much for driving traffic to my blog.

  45. Thanks for the review.
    I’ll use Yoast SEO for my new WordPress blog.

  46. being in the seo field, i prefer non cms sites…and just controlling the backend seo myself…rather than use all sorts of plugins that throw useless code into the sites…so that noindex thing yoast does by default…hm i didnt know that..i think i owe a business partner an apology lol hahahaha…the all n 1 i used alot though…but i thought it was called something else prior …but yoast has been gaining popularity…but …does it throw more code in the back end…i know its prettier to look at interface wise but i want what creates less line of code…

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