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This is the second monthly stats & income report which I started last month, I received good feedback after publishing last months results which has convinced me this series is worth keeping on. So how did WPLift do last month? Read on …

Traffic and other Metrics

  • Posts: 24
  • Site Visitors: 77,578 (+2,424)
  • Page Views: 134,209 (+5,494)
  • Search Engine Visits: 55,634 (+7,306)
  • Alexa Rank: 13,126 (-3,389)
  • RSS Subscribers: 1004 (+144)
  • Twitter Followers: 1196 (+106)
  • Facebook Fans: 1641 (+45)
  • Reader Comments: 165 (-58)


In this section, all display advertising at the moment is handled through BuySellAds. For the affiliate income, there were 21 different sources linked through various posts. If you want to know more about how I monetize the site & which plugins I use, see the article I wrote about affiliate links.

  • Display Advertising: $172.50
  • Affiliate Income: $2134.81
  • Total Income: $2307.31 (-$215.11)


Im pretty pleased with the stats this month – traffic is up, not by a huge amount but last month had a big spike from when SmashingMag tweeted one of the posts and it went viral and also the fact that last month had one extra day. With this taken into account, the site has shown good natural growth – I’m especially pleased with the search engine visits going up by 7k – they have increased every single month since the blog’s launch so we’re gaining a good reputation at Google.

The income stats were slightly down on last month’s which is a bit disapointing but I received a couple of large commissions last month from people buying developer licenses for a couple of programs which is the shortfall. My display income went up with BuySellAds as I increased the prices slightly to keep them inline with other sites of the same traffic.

How did your sites do last month ? Let us know in the comments …


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. Thanks for the stats, these always inspire me do work more in order to achieve the same numbers … these insights are always welcomed … 

  2.  No probs, I like seeing other website’s stats as well for the same reason!

  3.  No probs, I like seeing other website’s stats as well for the same reason!

  4.  No probs, I like seeing other website’s stats as well for the same reason!

  5.  No probs, I like seeing other website’s stats as well for the same reason!

  6. Nice numbers you got there. I am wondering how display adds income is so small?

    • Thanks,
      I set the prices at BuySellAds.com and I dont want them too high – I want the advertisers to get their moneys worth – I gradually increase them as the site traffic goes up.

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