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This is the third monthly income and stats roundup for WPLift, you can view past roundups here. How did the site do in October? Read on …

Traffic and other Metrics

  • Posts: 18
  • Site Visitors: 79,380 (+1,802)
  • Page Views: 138,864 (+4,655)
  • Search Engine Visits: 59,449 (+3,815)
  • Alexa Rank: 11,179(-1,947)
  • RSS Subscribers: 1100 (+96)
  • Twitter Followers: 1280 (+84)
  • Facebook Fans: 1683 (+42)
  • Reader Comments: 213 (+48)


In this section, all display advertising at the moment is handled through BuySellAds. For the affiliate income, there were 28 different sources linked through various posts. If you want to know more about how I monetize the site & which plugins I use, see the article I wrote about affiliate links.

  • Display Advertising: $180
  • Affiliate Income: $2930.01
  • Total Income: $3110.01 (+802.7)


This month was a bit up and down – I moved to a new host at the start of the month and as you can see from the analytics shot above, this caused the traffic to be right down on the site. I’m not sure why this would be – Google was sending a lot less traffic, then something seemed to click and traffic has been up for the second half of the month. You will see above, a big drop on one day in the middle of the month – the site was down for half a day as the datacenter had some problems. So, modest increase in traffic last month but next month should be a good one if traffic continues like the second half of the month.

In regards to income, Im pleased to have crossed the $3000 mark for the month and I received income from the most sources ever – 28 different affiliate programs.

How did your sites do last month ? Let us know in the comments …


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. I hope you’ll continue like this ! I go to read your post on monetization.

  2. frank mutwiri

    Wow, am impressed by your openness. I’ve been watching you blog for the last month and your content is very good. And the free theme is awesome.

  3. So, Oli, when are we gonna see some ebooks on being awesome like you? The Kindle is a huge market for that. =)

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