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Wow are we really into february allready? January has absolutely flown past for me – I have been working hard this month, with the impending launch of my theme company- ThemeFurnace I also made a resolution to try and up the posting rate on WPLift which I managed with help from our new writer Noumaan Yaqoob who has contributed some great posts over the last couple of months. I’m looking to add another writer to the team so if you’re interested, please get in touch with samples of your work.

You can view past stats reports here.

Traffic and other Metrics

  • Posts: 24
  • Site Visitors: 121,206  (+34,008)
  • Page Views: 212,976  (+57,748)
  • Search Engine Visits: 89,202 (+22,612)
  • Alexa Rank: 9,076 (-774)
  • RSS Subscribers: 1529 (+186)
  • Twitter Followers: 1585 (+133)
  • Facebook Fans: 1789 (+43)
  • Reader Comments: 360 (+109)


In this section, all display advertising at the moment is handled through BuySellAds. For the affiliate income, there were 30 different sources linked through various posts. If you want to know more about how I monetize the site & which plugins I use, see the article I wrote about affiliate links.

  • Display Advertising: $225
  • Affiliate Income: $2880.87
  • Total Income: $3105.87 (+603.62)


Traffic is right up from last last month which I expected, we had our best traffic month ever in January which Im pleased about and we cemented a position in the Alexa top 10k. Alexa is not the most reliable metrics to judge a sites traffic by but as you move up and get a higher rating it becomes more and more accurate, my ultimate goal is to crack the top 5k. All our other stats have also grown nicely so 2012 is shaping up to be a good year for WPLift allready.


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is very impressive, I am proud to be a contributor here :) 

  2. Fahad

    Great stats, hope for best in the future

  3. Nice stats. Hope on February we will have nice posts to read!

  4. This stats are great, but what would you expect when this blog has such quality content…

  5. Yup, you had a green month … congrats ;)

  6. James McBride

    I’m a daily reader and really like your conversational writing style, makes it a pleasure to read which isn’t something that can be said for many other site in the same genre. 

    I’d love to hear more about your affiliate activities I run a site with similar traffic numbers but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to monetization :/

  7. Alex V.

    Hey Oli,
    I’ve written some posts for you in the past. I love reading these posts. You suppose you can share some quick insights with me on a site I’m trying to monetize? http://theurbandater.com.

    Muchly appreciated. =)

    • Oh Hi mate,

      Yeah sure – I wouldnt bother with the WP adverts – I dont suppose they convert very well?
      Obvious one is dating affiliates – I have done quite well with the eHarmony one in the past, they pay per free signup + conversions later on to monthly / yearly plans etc. You can join that at tradedoubler.com

      I would try out the groupon aff program as well as they offer geo-targetting, Ive heard it converts quite well – http://www.groupon.com/pages/affiliates

      If you could make your own product, that would probably be best – an eBook for example. Thats what Im going to do at my other blog – photographicblog.com

      Hope that helps mate – can email me if you need anything else :)

  8. This is quite an interesting report. The stats do give some insight into what it takes to have such an income through a great design and coding blog. Many thanks for the great content you provide through your blog.

  9. More great stats Oli, fantastic to see someone doing well! Thanks for another revealing insight into WPLift.com keep em coming!

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