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It’s time for out monthly stats roundup, been a strange one this month. Started out slow and just as I thought traffic was picking up again from Google, these last 3 days have been a lot lower than normal. I know that Google is making some changes at the moment with their new algorithm so I guess I just have to wait for things to settle down again. The numbers this month aren’t too far off last months, last month had an extra day as well so taking that into account this month has been fine.

You can view past stats reports here.

Traffic and other Metrics

  • Posts: 21
  • Site Visitors: 124,035  (-1,379)
  • Page Views: 218,219  (-16 851)
  • Search Engine Visits: 88,862 (-5,940)
  • Alexa Rank: 8,388 (+122)
  • RSS Subscribers: 1908 (+83)
  • Twitter Followers: 2594 (+526)
  • Facebook Fans: 1950 (+63)
  • Reader Comments: 320 (-18)


In this section, all display advertising at the moment is handled through BuySellAds. For the affiliate income, there were 23 different sources linked through various posts. If you want to know more about how I monetize the site & which plugins I use, see the article I wrote about affiliate links.

  • Display Advertising: $435
  • Affiliate Income: $3279.03
  • Total Income: $3714.03 (+$589.38)


Traffic is a little disapointing again this month – no one likes to see their traffic stagnate which is what has happened these past two months – before then we were growing every month. I suppose I should be happy that my rankings haven’t tanked completely like some sites I’ve been reading about. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do any sort of link building or SEO, I focus 100% on creating content and hopefully the links follow – this has worked for me so far. A quick word about the income – this month was the highest income-wise so thats something pleasing allthough Im more concerned with growing the traffic than making money at this point.

How was last month for your sites ? Did your Google traffic change at all ?


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. We’ve had a tumultuous past few weeks, some weeks jump by a thousand views a day and some drop by a thousand. From my limited data set it seems like Panda is still figuring itself out.

  2. I guess you should focus on creating posts containing more text such as how to’s and avoid list ones for a while at least because it is well known that those come with 100% unique content. Also, it is well known that search engines take that as an important factor in their algorithm and another important thing in this post-panda web is to filter weak content and get rid of it or improve it!

  3. Ed

    Looks like you were hit with the Penguin 3.5 update that was pushed across Google on April 24th – good article about stuff to look out for here – http://www.seomoz.org/blog/penguins-pandas-and-panic-at-the-zoo – i had a minor bump but then again I don’t get your traffic :)

    • Yep, Thats what I, thinking –
      I think I was getting a boost from the footer links in my free theme and now they’ve been discounted.

  4. Can You please explain or do a post on getting affiliate income… Like how to target them and convert them for sale

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