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WP-Answers is a plugin that I recently launched, it essentially turns WordPress into a Question and Answers community, similar to Yahoo Answers. It allows people to register on the site and ask a question, other members can then answer the question and the original poster can then choose the best answer from those given.

The Theme

Alongside the plugin, there are also 6 premium themes included in different color schemes. The theme layout has been designed to be easy to use and clear to the end users how to ask and answer questions. The sidebar is fully widgetized and includes custom widgets specific to this theme, such as login box, search box, advertising management + more.

You can view the demo here and preview the 6 colors. Here is a shot of the default blue theme :

The themes include, as with any premium theme these days, a theme options panel where you can update various things like adding a custom logo, custom favicon, tracking codes for analytics, Feedburner RSS url etc :

Points System

WP-Answers also includes a points system and leader board – users earn points for each answer they give, if they are chosen as the best answer then they receive extra points. The points system is fully configurable by the admin panel so you can choose how many points should be allocated :

Auto-Content from Yahoo Answers

So far so good, but it can be hard starting a community based site from scratch as people wont join and post if they think no-one else is, they would rather look for a community that looks busy where they can expect more chance of replies and interaction with other users (social proof). Thats why we include a unique system that uses the Yahoo Answers API – you can pull content from the Yahoo Answers site and post it on your own site, along with any replies which are also posted as comments. You can use any search term and pull questions / answers based on that and fill your site with content from the start.

This makes it look like your site is buzzing with members and content from the very start, great for search engines and great for encouraging new people to register and participate. The system can also auto-post content whenever you specify, from every hour to once a day, once per week for each search term :

You can setup unlimited search terms and post each one into its own category with regular updates. From our test sites we have found that search engines love these type of sites as the content is always updating so the bots return on a regular basis to spider the new content.

Built-in Advertising Management

Advertising management is another feature that is included – thoughout the theme in specific places there are hooks included so you can google adsense code or other advertising witout having to edit the theme – all easily added with a few clicks in the admin panel. There is also a sidebar widget that can display 125 x 125 ad banners which you can upload via the admin panel. 125 x 125 banners are fast becoming the standard ad format for blogs so there is a wide range of affiliate banners you can choose to add here.

Example Websites

If you would like to see some real-world examples of sites using this plugin, take a look at the gallery page. We have test sites earning up to $1000 per month from adsense alone, the traffic and earnings have grown month after month. There is a support form for buyers where I share tips and tutorials for making the most from your WP-Answers sites.

Purchasing Information

Costs for WP-Answers start at $89 for a single license, $179 for a multi-site license and $249 for a developer license. I think the prices are very reasonable considering the returns we are seeing with our own sites.

Visit our Purchase page if you’d like to get your copy.

As a special offer for WPlift visitors, you can get 20% off with the discount code WPLIFT99 – just enter it at checkout.

Affiliate Program

We are also taking on affiliates and paying a generous 35% commision on all 3 licenses, that means if you refer a developer license, you would earn $87.15. The affiliate program is handled by eJunkie, visit our affiliates page for more details and to signup. We have made a number of banners available for download on that page and we can also create custom banners for your site if required.

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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. Great would like to have such amazing stumbling upon as more as possible

  2. great plugin , i translated it into arabic if you need an arabic copy plz contact me

  3. Bj

    auto points not?

  4. It looks great. but…

    I sent them some questions about the plugin – no answer!
    I afraid buy it. What if need assistances?
    What do you think about it?

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