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Just a little note this week to welcome back Jeff at WPTavern who has taken up blogging again, let’s hope he stays this time :)

Happy Friday Folks!

This is our (sort of ) weekly WordPress news roundup post, you can view previous news roundups on this tag. I also post frequent WordPress links on Twitter all week, follow WPLIft here if you are on Twitter. Our facebook page is growing nicely with over 2500 members now so please “Like” us on Facebook. Finally, I’m also on Pinterest so you can add me there as well.

WordPress News and Articles

Ghost: A Beautifully Simple Blogging Platform That Could Spell Trouble for WordPress

Of course I’m talking about the initial rollout of the new blogging platform Ghost. Dreamt up by designer/developer John O’Nolan on his personal blog in the fall of 2012. The attention this concept received within the blogging community made it crystal clear to O’Nolan that he was onto something that a very large and passionate group of people wanted. And now he’s actually building it.


Give WordPress Beta Releases A Spin: Information & Resources

Have you ever done a major WordPress update, refreshed your site, and realized with horror that some critical piece of functionality has broken? When an application is as frequently updated and modular as WordPress, something is going to break at some point. It’s often plugins that cause problems; sometimes they’re just not ready for new versions.


How To Contribute To WordPress

WordPress is built by volunteers. People from all over the world collaborate to create the core software, write the documentation, provide support, translate WordPress, organize events and generally keep the project running. Individuals work on WordPress in their free time, and companies ask their employees to get involved.


The Epic MMORPG and the WordPress Freelancer

What if our journey as WordPress entrepreneurs were like an epic MMORPG? You know, a massively-multi-player-online-RPG?


The WordPress Planet is Pants – and here’s how to improve it

Since back in the day I’ve had a keen interest in the WordPress Planet, sure sometimes it’s been a bit snarky, but at the end of the day I am genuinely interested in good WP news coming through the pipes into my various dashboards.


WordPress SEO Community & Roadmap

Our WordPress SEO plugin has been getting more and more downloads, bringing it to the top of the most downloaded plugin chart on WordPress.org fairly regularly. With that comes more interest from other developers as well, which is something we absolutely love, but is kind of impossible to manage properly on WordPress.org.


Using WPTavern To Share Your Knowledge With The World

While the Tavern is definitely back in business, there is one specific goal I have in mind that I would like to accomplish. That goal is changing the content direction of the site so that it’s not created by one person, all the time.


Cátia Kitahara Interview

Meet Cátia Kitahara (@catkit), co-founder of the Brazilian WordPress Community. She’s a web designer and hacker at Hacklab in São Paulo – Brazil.


Scott Basgaard Interview

Scott makes a living under his alter ego, Scotty B, who is a Support Ninja over at WooThemes specializing in WooCommerce.


Pexeto Passes $1M in Sales on ThemeForest

Pexeto, a developer/designer duo that builds premium WordPress themes, passed $1,000,000 in sales and earned Power Elite status with Envato.


Tutorials and How-Tos

Non-Destructive Customisation of WordPress Themes using a Child Theme

Similar to how Photoshop allows you to edit images using adjustment layers without altering the original image, you can use the same concept when customizing WordPress themes.


Brad WIlliams on Secure WordPress Development

One of the most important steps when writing code, regardless of what platform the code will run on, is making sure it is secure from hacks and exploits.


How To Internationalize WordPress Plugins

Up until this point, I’ve traditionally included a plugin.po file with each of my plugins to make it easy for translators; however, Gary’s been kind enough to point out the a .pot file should actually be included.


WordPress Multisite with Nginx – How to set it all up and enjoy the blazing fast consequences

Recently, due to the many attacks launched on the internet, especially the botnet DDoS attacking WordPress hosts, I was forced to move some of my sites to a shared server — a virtual machine — with little memory and just a slice of one CPU core.


Quick Tip: After the Content – Share This

In this post, we’re going to cover how and why we should include a “Share This” section with our content.


How to Insert WordPress Photo Galleries Anywhere Into Your Theme

Last December WordPress dramatically stepped up the way media was handled. It improved the Media Library, the Media Manager, and even default WordPress photo galleries.


Design Patterns in WordPress: An Introduction

For those who have an extensive background in software engineering, design patterns should be familiar territory; however, there’s an entire group of developers – especially in the web development community – who aren’t necessarily familiar with design patterns (even though they’ve likely used them!).


Resources & Freebies

18 WordPress Plugins for List Building & Newsletter Management

There’s a case to be made that the most important thing you can do with your WordPress website is build out a good email list. Even if it’s not the most important thing, it’s certainly in the top five.


7 Quality Social Lockers for WordPress

The idea of social lockers is nothing new. Some folks have been using them to get their content more likes, tweets, and pins. You need to have special content to pull this off. You should also adopt a conservative approach with this strategy or your could turn your visitors off.



If you’re designing a UI or just want to use some beautiful, clean, retina-ready icons somewhere else in your site design, you’ll be hard pressed to find any as beautiful as Genericons.



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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