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This is the first competition held here on WPLift so I thought we would start with a bang! We have thousands of dollars worth of great WordPress goods to give away as prizes, provided by some of the top WordPress plugin and Theme companies.

What can you win ?

We have prizes from the Envato Marketplace, DesignerThemes, WPTurbo, WP-Answers, RocketTheme, Elegant Themes, Themify and Mojo Themes.

1st Prize

  • $40 Envato Marketplace Credit
  • 2 Themes from DesignerThemes
  • WPTurbo License
  • WP-Answers Developer License
  • RocketTheme Developer Membership $250
  • Elegant Theme Membership
  • 3 Themify Themes
  • 3 Mojo Themes

2nd Prize

  • $30 Envato Marketplace Credit
  • WPTurbo License
  • WP-Answers Multi-Site License
  • Rocket Theme Membership $75
  • Elegant Theme Membership
  • 2 Themify Themes
  • 2 Mojo Themes

3rd Prize

  • $30 Envato Marketplace Credit
  • WPTurbo License
  • WP-Answers Single License
  • RocketTheme Membership $50
  • 1 Themify Theme
  • 1 Mojo Themes

How to enter

The good thing about this competition is that you can earn multiple entries by carrying out actions :

1. Like the giveaway by clicking on the Facebook Like button (+1 entry)
2. Become a WPlift fan on Facebook (+1 entry)
3. Leave a comment telling us why WordPress is awesome (+1 entry)
4. Tweet about the giveaway (+1 entry)
5. Unlimited bonus entries by pasting your invite link everywhere you can:
– for every friend that clicks the link you Tweeted in step 4 you’ll earn +1 entries
– for every friend that then joins the giveaway you’ll earn +5 entries

About the Sponsors

Envato Marketplaces

The Envato Marketplaces allow anyone to buy or sell digital goods like WordPress themes, background music, After Effects project files, Flash templates and much more. The marketplaces are home to a thriving community of over 500,000 users, authors and buyers and every day hundreds of new files are added.


DesignerThemes is a new Premium WordPress theme shop which currently has two well-designed themes, Boxie and Showcase.


WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves automatically and earn you income each month from affiliate programs.


WP-Answers is a plugin which will transform WordPress into a question and answers site. Users can register to ask and answer questions posed by others. Includes Facebook and Twitter integration.


RocketTheme is the leading provider in professional Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and phpBB3 themes and templates. “Our steadily growing portfolio of themes allow you to transform your WordPress blog into a professional site without sacrificing design, quality or ease of use. Powered by our award-winning Gantry framework, you’re in for having the best WordPress experience, ever. ”

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes provides top quality WordPress themes – “I created this website to provide WordPress themes of quality and integrity. I craft my skins with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose of modest elegance. I believe that your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity. My job is to respect each customer by providing attractive and userfriendly WordPress templates that will help you achieve your online goals.”


Themify – “In short, we are a team of WordPress experts who build awesome WordPress Themes. We love to build innovative and creative things. Our themes are packed with a feature-rich framework and number of useful custom widgets. Our mission is to help you setup a beautiful and functional website in minutes. No coding or technical skills are required. Using our framework, you can customize everything from the functionality to the look & feel of your site. Enough talk. Check out our themes now”

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes – We have modest dreams… To create an open marketplace for top rated designers and developers to shine in a world where design is becoming more competitive. We also wanted to build a go-to marketplace where anyone can find, rate and buy quality themes & templates all in one trusted place. Looking at both sides of the spectrum, we’re on a mission to hit the interwebs full steam to get your MOJO back.

Closing Date

The competition will end on July 7th at 12pm GMT.


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. WP is awesome for way to many reason but my fav is how easy it is to make themes, giving you total control over the platform to manipulate it as you wish.

  2.  Hey, Thanks a lot for the contest :-)

  3. Ashmita

    Lovely stuff to win, count me in.

  4. Jason

    WP is awesome because of it’s versatility and scalability.

  5. The size of the development community around it – the standard install would probably be fine for most needs but the vast number of (more often than not free & open source) plug-ins make it an even better system.

  6. WordPress is amazing because it is very easy to use. Available to users running blogs based on WordPress is much more than a great free template for other CMS systems. In addition, based on the WordPress site nice find on Google. I’m your fan on FB. This is my info from Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/warstwydotcom/status/83872670403407872

  7. WordPress is awesome because of its flexibility and functionality.

  8. WordPress is awesome because it allows someone with little web design experience to build a stellar website and blog!  I just bought my first WordPress theme yesterday from Envato and am stoked about the possibilities.

  9. Awesome giveaway from WPLift @wplift for all you techies!  Hurry over there.

  10. Anonymous

    WordPress is awesome because of the many developers who have contributed to its’ endless plugins. I can do far more in WordPress than a static website because of everything that’s available. Most plugins are just one-click, what’s not to like!

  11. WordPress is awsome because it allows us to create dynamic websites quickly in 1000’s of differant creative ways

  12. Josh C

    WordPress is awesome because of the versatility it has.  It has a back end so people with no programming experience can maintain a website or add content without hiring someone to do it for them.  Another thing about WordPress that is great is the amount of support and plugins available for it.  You can do just about anything with WordPress, i.e. eCommerce, blog, portfolio, business site etc.  When I am hired to design or develop a webpage I always use WordPress for the ease of use for the client and mine.  Also there is no need to re-invent the wheel.  Why not find a theme the client likes or you think they like than just modify it accordingly.  It already has the framework so why not just use it.  Unless there is a theme that doesn’t match up to the clients wishes, than you can consider a custom CMS.

  13. WordPress is awesome because of ease of use and great extendability.

  14. WP is awesome because we can create totally customized, dynamic sites that clients love and can use themselves!

  15. WordPress is too awesome to even be described – I apologise for this.

  16. WP gives me the freedom to create amazing sites.

  17. The WPLift WordPress Mega Bundle Competition http://t.co/ve7hCXL via
    @wplift – Your chance to win something.

  18. The WPLift WordPress Mega Bundle Competition http://t.co/ve7hCXL via
    @wplift – Your chance to win something.

  19. I can type this comment because of wordpress so it is awesome ;)

  20. Eric Flamm

    WordPress offers a great combination of ease-of-use for end users and thorough control of setup and functionality for tech support types. The available theme designs are awesome and the extensibility through plug-ins is amazing. I’m not a big fan of php as a programming language, but it’s hard to argue with success.

  21. WordPress is awesome because it’s free… and then you can win more free stuff…. awesome!

  22. Carliechew

    WordPress is amazing because it’s free, they offer tons of amazing and free layouts and fonts. The reason I love them the most is that even though they offer free blogs they are incredibly helpful and get back to you right away to help you with any problems you may encounter. 

  23. Anonymous

    WP is awesome because it’s easy to get into, easy to get clients started using it, and easy to build on if you need more complicated sites. It’s a really great framework on many levels and definitely a good springboard into other website building platforms.

  24. We love developing sites with #wordpress because of it’s solid codebased foundation yet so much flexibility and the vast number of plugins available. It’s much more than a blogging platform. Here is a site we’ve done recently for and event facility in Duluth, GA that visitors still can’t believe it’s all done in wordpress – http://bit.ly/ijzYPR .

  25. WordPress is awesome because it’s so easy to use and so flexible. There’s also so many plugins and themes out there already that will do just about anything you want it to do.

  26. B House

    WP makes life easier and l like easy!

  27. WP makes a developers life much easier! :)

  28. Easy customization!  Can build a small business website in less than day.  Awesome plugins that require minimal customization.   WordPress is Pure awesomeness!

  29. Ayale99

    WordPress saves tons of time.

  30. WordPress is awesome for my buisness blog because it’s so flexible and easy to use. Go see http://propresent.co.uk/ourblog 

  31. About 80% of my web work uses wordpress…Wordpress is awesome because it puts food on my table!

  32. Sarah Weeger

    WordPress is easy to set up, easy to customize infinitely, great for my clients because they can maintain their site if they want with little training, the community is awesome, theme and app and plugin developers are everywhere and are high-quality, and it’s growing like crazy… making it fun to keep learning and keep creating!! 

  33. ForestFarmDesign

    WP allows me to give my clients the options they need

  34. WP is awesome because it allows us to create simple to use CMS options for our clients, while we design custom layouts for each of their brands.

  35. It is so easy to get professional results using pre-made themes. Or, make your own!

  36. Johnb

    WP is awesome because it has so many options to make it extensible. I’m start almost all of my projects with the WP platform. 

  37. WordPress is awesome because it lets me write an article an concentrate only on that. not all of the infrastructure to support it.

  38. WordPress is awesome because it’s the easiest way to setup a site that works for 80% of cases and 90% of clients.

  39. Anonymous

    I enjoy the flexibility and depth of a website that you can build with WordPress — and add and make it do what you like with plugins and widgets with great ease!

  40. wordpress rules because of its never-ending functionality possibilities

  41. WP is awesome because it’s a simple CMS with limitless potential.

  42. Daniel Gurtner

    WordPress is awesome because it’s such a simple to install CMS, yet still quite sophisticated! My clients love it because it’s easy to use and very intuitive.

  43. WordPress is awesome because its powerful yet simple. Even my mom can manage a WP site!

  44. Stefany Sherman

    WordPress is awesome because it’s beautiful!

  45. I love WordPress.  It’s a great CMS, it has great potential for small database interactions that can be done through WordPress with custom post types.  It is simple to explain to clients and easy to use.  I just love it.

  46. WordPress is awesome because, apparently, even my dog can use it…

  47. Ease of use plus free resources make WordPress Awesome!!!

  48. I’m brand new to wordpress and website design but it is so flexible and user friendly, I’m not sure that there is any need for anything else!

  49. Blakeash2

    wp is awesome because  it allows people to provide excellent info

  50. Brendon Held

    Wow! This is one of the most interesting competitions I have seen so far. Very creative way of doing this…

    Anyway, as a flash developer, I can’t believe I am saying this… but I LOVE WordPress! I can’t believe it took me so long to discover the power of this awesome platform… I only wish I had started sooner… I love it for its ease of use, everything seems so logical, and it just works… every time. I now have 3 personal websites / businesses built with WordPress, and more coming…

  51. There are so many reason why WP is awesome but I think the best thing about it is the community that supports it so fully. 

  52. Prakash Ghodke

    WordPress is simple and easy to use….

  53. Great marketing work for establishing wplift.com at the same time giving the community back some fun stuff! Thanks in advance!

  54. I can’t even express why wordpress is so awesome, but I’d probably have to say mostly because of the freedom and versatility it allows the user to have.

  55. WordPress can streamlined your development process for managing contents and have good support for security. I love WordPress as the community does. Benefiting GPL for business.

  56. WP is awesome because it provides my income :)

  57. Shayne

    WP is awesome because it’s easy and flexible.

  58. Fab comp, good luck all!

  59. Jonathan Mendes

    WordPress is awesome because it provides a simple and easy-to-use building block for which I can build cost effective website solutions for my clients.

  60. WordPress is awesome because it is easy to use and very functional. It can be used to build both blogs and regular websites. I’m about to switch our nonprofit website to it because of its awesomeness!

  61. WP is awesome because sometimes as a Designer sometimes you have this out of this world idea and just have no idea to program it and you go on WP and there it is!

  62. I love WordPress for the following reasons:
    1. It’s Open Source (I’m an Open Source enthusiast)
    2. Great support and friendly community
    3. Easy to use and customize
    4. Availability
    Thanks for arranging this great giveaway and best of luck!

  63. Thanks for this contest gang!

  64. Do you know why all these comments are here? It is for the WordPress themes giveaway. People love wordpress and that makes WordPress awesome

  65. WordPress is the best blogging software and easy to use. It has a great supporting community. So I love it.

  66. WordPress is completely flexible and user friendly.

  67. WordPress is awesome because it is a:

    Distribution (tool that is)
    Simple (and)

  68. Jack

    flexible and easy to use!

  69. WordPress is best content management platform for the clients and easy to handle for the designers.
    Intranet Solutions

  70. WordPress is awesome because the only limit to cool website features is your imagination

  71. WordPress is amazing because it fulfills it’s statement:

    “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

  72. Great contest – WordPress is awesome as it’s so flexible and easy to understand – my Dad even learnt the system in an hour!

  73. I love WordPress because it’s the best SEO CMS which gets everything you always need. 
    WordPress Rocks

    It’s Open Source that’s Why I love it…. :)

  74. Me

    WordPress is awesome because it’s fairly easy to learn and the online support community is amazing!

  75. Because its very user friendly and can be used for all kinds of projects

  76. Prakash Ghodke

    Easy and best

  77. WordPress is awesome because the community spirit comes out in everyone for the betterment of the WP ecosystem. It’s become so much more than it was ever intended, all due to the hard work and dedication of a team of hardcore believers and developers.

  78. Bubu

    Long live WP!

  79. _SeiA_

    WP is awesome because the comunity ist the best. i love thge WP peoples.

  80. Love wordpress cause eminem uses it LOL

  81. Easy to use and designs,themes,graphics are wonderful,finding tutorials and plugins from web very easy…
    Also good working with all browsers :)

  82. DAYS ARE Closing July 7. SO EXCITED ;)

  83. I love WordPress for its out-of-the-box ease of setup and use, and its customisability when you spend more time on it. I also love how easy it is to find ready-made templates that are of good enough quality to use immediately, or with few tweaks.

  84. Anonymous

    WordPress is awesome because it’s free and easy to customize the theme :)

  85. WordPress iw awesome since it’s very flexible.

  86. WP is awesome because you can do so much with it.  It can power a website for a restaurant or band, but it can also be a Groupon copy-cat too.  If anything, it prevents you from having to create user management, session management, and a gazillion other things that you’d have to build yourself for most websites anyway.

  87. WordPress is awesome because of the ease of getting up and running with a new blog/website, not only that, there is a wealth of information available all over the web from all types of users from beginners to experts.

  88. RabbiSteve

    WordPress is awesome because it is easy to use, OpenSource with an incredibly supportive community. It empowers users on every level to reach their highest potential in whatever their goals are.

  89. ChrisA

    Flexibility + Extensibility + Reliability + Usability + Freaking awesome community of developers and designers + a whole lot more = WordPress

  90. Jacob

    WordPress just IS awesome

  91. WordPress is awesome cause it has infinite possibilities… I LIKE THAT!

  92. WordPress is awesome because the community behind it is really awesome. Won’t be if not for them!

  93. WordPress awesome because it easy to use with the bombastic plugin suitable for blogger like me :)

  94. Daniel Dudzic

    WP is awesome for it’s flexibility and versatility :)

  95. WordPress gives me more control of what I write and what others prefer. It is a win-win situation for everyone.. :)

  96. Anonymous

    Who would care of other platform when we have WordPress here! Huge supports from the community, Awesome developers extensions, just to name a few. Once you go WP, you’ll stay WP :-)

  97. WordPress is awesome because it is by far the easiest way to change the look and feel of my and my clients websites. In three words:

    I love it!

  98. el tio ska

    WordPress is awesome: so much so that after starting to blog with WP just over a year ago, I started learning CSS & PHP and enrolled in a master degree in computer science which I’m starting this September!

    I love the open source world and the freedom WP gives its users and developers working with it.

  99. WordPress is awesome because it is so much more than a blogging platform. Full custom websites and more with thousands of plugins to increase the power. It really is a powerful example of what open source software can accomplish

  100. WordPress is the most easy CMS.

  101. WP is awesome because is free and easy to use.

  102. Using WordPress I am able to better serve my clients by delivering sites faster with more customization than I ever could  when hand-coding sites.

  103. Francois

    WordPress is awesome because it’s easy to learn and program.

  104. Anonymous

    The Dev Community that develop WP is amazing, and their product just respect their passion and feeling about web dev!

  105. WordPress is pretty sweet as it saves me A LOT of time in training new clients on using a CMS.

  106. Da

    WP is awesome because the system can be as simple or complicated as you like!

  107. Anonymous

    WP is awesome because it’s slick and capable of powering everything and anything.

  108. WordPress is awesome. Why? Because of the team of people behind it. The dedication and desire to make this software brilliant.

  109. WordPress is awesome. Why? Because of the team of people behind it. The dedication and desire to make this software brilliant.

  110. WordPress is free, easy to learn, lots of free themes and plugins plus lots of support from users.

  111. WordPress is brilliant because of its versatility and stability.

  112. WordPress is easy to set up, easy to manage, easy to update, easy to scale, easy to modify, easy to learn, easy to extend and easy to use. It really saves my time. Thanks WordPress.

  113. WordPress is awesome because of the amazing community that both makes and supports WordPress. 

  114. Anonymous

    WordPress is easy to set up and easy for clients to use

  115. Michelle

    WordPress is awesome because of the community involved. 

  116. WP rocks because it is an excellent foundation to pretty much any type of site and has a buzzing community.

  117. Anonymous

    Why is WordPress awesome? I would have to say it’s the community. It’s massive & most times you can get answers almost instantly. I would also have to give bonus points to the sheer versatility of the CMS. I love seeing how some great designers & developers push it in directions I would never have imagined.

  118. I love WordPress because the community is awesome, the plugins rock, and its the most user-friendly yet robust web-building platform

  119. Bobcatbill22

    WordPress lets me focus on design without worrying about all the back end programming to make it run!

  120. WordPress has completely changed my business model as a web designer and opened up whole avenues of possibilities for my clients.

  121. WordPress has completely changed my business model as a web designer and opened up whole avenues of possibilities for my clients.

  122. What makes WordPress awesome is the community.

  123. WordPress has allowed me to start planning for a future where I am my own boss. It’s also helped me learn alot about website creation, while saving me a ton of time

  124. WordPress has allowed me to start planning for a future where I am my own boss. It’s also helped me learn alot about website creation, while saving me a ton of time

  125. I love wordPress, easy and alot of theme with the plugins is rock

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