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In this tutorial I will be guiding you through the complete installation and set-up on a WP-Answers powered WordPress site. WP-Answers is a plugin that I created to turn WordPress into a Question & Answers community similar to Yahoo Answers, it also lets you pull auto-content from Yahoo Answers itself and post it as if it was from your sites’ members. You can read my review of the plugin here.

The Domain / Niche Selection

The domain I have registered for this tutorial is BlackFridayQuestions, if you dont know, Black Friday is a very lucrative period for online retailers. It is the friday following Thanksgiving day in the United States when traditionally a lot of money is spent online and retailers go out of their way to offer discounts and try to attract as many shoppers as possible. I chose this domain as the search traffic around this period will be huge, I want to try and attract some search engine visitors looking for coupon codes and details about sales etc.

Black Friday falls on the 26th November this year, so I have just over 2 months to establish my site for the rush. I like building seasonal sites as each year they get stronger, having been around for longer and gained more backlinks and more authority in Google’s eyes. Each time a holiday or seaon comes around, the search traffic increases like mad and you cash in for the period – its like a bonus payment that comes around each year. Build enough of these sites to cover all the major holidays and you are always earning extra bonuses!

WordPress & Plugin Install

First of all you need to get a default WordPress installed, I offer wordpress installation and complete WP-Answer installs as a service via this site.

Next, make sure you have your copy of WP-Answers, you can purchase it here. WPLift readers can also get a 20% discount by using the coupon code : WPLIFT99 at checkout.

Download WP-Answers and unzip the contents of the file, you will have 2 folders: plugin and theme. You will need to use an FTP program to upload these to your hosting, a good free FTP client that I use is Filezilla.

In the plugin folder, upload WP-Answers-Pro folder to : wp-content/plugins

In the theme folder, upload all the folders in there to : wp-content/themes

Activate the Plugin & Theme

Once they are uploaded, in your wordpress admin panel, click “Plugins” and then “Activate” next to WP-Answers-Pro.

Next, you need to choose a theme to use. WP-Answers comes with 6 different colors, so choose one appropriate to your site. For BlackFridayQuestions I have chosen to use the blue theme. Click “Themes” under the “Appearance” menu, and then click “Activate” next to your choice of theme.

Your theme and the plugin are now installed, next its time to install some of the widgets that come with WP-Answers. This is how the site will look :

Activate the Widgets

WP-Answers comes with some custom widgets for you to add to the sidebar, to activate these, under the “Appearance” menu, click “Widgets” and drag them over to where it says “Sidebar 1″. I also use some default WordPress widgets; Archives, Recent Posts and Recent Comments. Here is the order I like to have them in :

Now that you have the widgets installed, I like to add some extra plugins. I wont go into details here, but the plugins I like to use are as follows : Wp to Twitter (read my guide to installing this here), All in One SEO, Custom Query StringAkismet, AutoTags.

Setting up WP-Answers Options

To get people to register on your site and start participating you need some content to start you off, otherwise there is no incentive to join. Also a great way to start feeding the search engines some content, WP-Answers includes a system that auto-posts questions and answers from Yahoo Answers. It makes it look like regular members on your site are contributing.

First off, you will need a Yahoo Answers API key, you can signup and get one for free here. Choose “Generic” for the authentication method and then enter information they ask for.

Under the WP-Answers menu, click “Setup Options” and enter your API key, you can also choose the points that people should earn for asking and answering questions here :

Click “Save Changes” and we’re ready to start entering some kweyword search terms to populate your site.

Choosing Keywords for Yahoo Answers Auto-Posting

We can now begin populating the search terms for WP-Answers. To help me get ideas, I visit the Google keyword tool – I enter some relevent keywords such as : Black Friday, Black Friday Coupons, Black Friday Sales and then click “search” and see what suggestions Google gives me. I also click the “Global monthly searches” link so it orders them with the most at the top :

Now that I have some keywords I can use, I will head over to Yahoo Answers and run a few searches just to check there are results for the keywords I want to use.

Once that is confirmed, you need to create the categories for the questions to go into. For BlackFridayQuestions I have chosen the following categories : Black Friday, Black Friday Deals, Black Friday Sales, Black Friday Coupons and Thanksgiving Sales.

Now we start entering the search terms into WP-Answers, under the WP-Answers menu, click “AutoPosting” and then “New Auto Posting Campaign”. Now you can begin filling out the details for the keyword, because Black Friday is a United States thing, we will use the US site for this :

I will set each keyword to post at around the 8 – 12 hour mark, you can see my settings above. Repeat this process for as many keywords as you wish to add. I’m going to add around 10 keywords for this site :

Initial Content

I like to start my WP-Answers sites off with some initial content, to encourage people to join up and to start feeding the search engines. Click “Post Now” and enter 5 posts and tick all the “post it” boxes.  This will provide 5 questions + answers to start off my site. I will also go through each of the questions that are posted, and click “Select me as Best Answer” for the answers I think are most helpfull, this again makes it look like the site is busy.

Adding Advertising to Monetise the Site

Now we have our site setup and some initial content, we need to add some advertising to start making money.

First thing I do, is add some adsense within the questions. To do this, under the “WP-Answers” menu, select “Contextual Adverts” and then “New Contextual Advert”. Paste your adsense code in the large box (I use a 300px x 250px block) , name it and choose the “Before Post” option. Hit “Save Changes” and you will now have adsense integrated with your site :

I then repeat this step and place it at the “End of Post”, that now gives me 2 adsense blocks per page.


Your WP-Answers site is now setup and ready to start earning money for you, building some backlinks is my next step but I will cover that in detail in a future post. I have set up a support forum for WP-Answers, here I give advice and help to our buyers, I’m also on hand to answer any pre-sales questions you may have.

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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, a small internet company based in the UK. Kooc Media runs several high-profile websites including WPLift, ThemeFurnace and DesignersTalk.

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  1. Elliott

    Does the WP_Answers theme allow for the creation and reorganisation of additional pages?
    1. Home (blog) | 2.Forum (Q&A) | 3.Products (single page)| 4.Services (single page)| 5. About Us (Contact | Bio | Testimonials).

    What is the size of the customisable header?

  2. Elliott

    Does the WP_Answers theme allow for the creation and reorganisation of additional pages?
    1. Home (blog) | 2.Forum (Q&A) | 3.Products (single page)| 4.Services (single page)| 5. About Us (Contact | Bio | Testimonials).

    What is the size of the customisable header?

  3. Hi Elliot,
    Yes thats possible, for ease though we recommend a separate install of wordpress / wordpress MU in a directory ie /questions

  4. Hi Elliot,
    Yes thats possible, for ease though we recommend a separate install of wordpress / wordpress MU in a directory ie /questions

  5. Bmk0220

    Question about the Yahoo Answers API form. I am trying to get the API Key. On the form it’s asking questions about the “application I am developing” and wanting to know the applications details such as, Developer/Company Name, Product name, Web Application URL, etc. Well, I’m not developing an app, I just want to use the Yahoo Answers Auto-Posting. How should I fill this out? Just didn’t want to screw it up, so I thought I would ask first. I don’t know what I should put here.

    Thanks for the help and the great guide for this plugin.

  6. Mmr

    is it possible to notify the user when they register and got a new answer notification,

  7. Sigh. Great theme. I wish I’d seen this before I bought the Nominate theme, this would have been purchased instead. Fantastic work, Oli.

  8. Serge

    Hey man, I am going through getting the yahoo api key, I end up having to make  a project and get the to the following screen (image attached), which one is my api key?

    Consumer key?
    Consumer secret?

  9. The project is not bad, but now it’s abandoned from one years…..

  10. Tuyen Tieu

    Hi Oli,

    I’d like to combine the wp answers theme as a page on my current website, much like this one that you have on your gallery page:  http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie/answers/

    At the moment, I have the answers theme set up in a sub folder and I’d like it to be integrated with my current heading, side bar, and footer.  How can I do this? 

    My current website is:  http://inversionario.com/ and 
    here’s the sub folder which look entirely different:  http://inversionario.com/Preguntas/

    Thank you in advance!


  11. I used it a while back and the pulling questions from yahoo answers thing got me banned from adsense fun plugin

  12. D.

    I purchased this plugin at 8 am this morning. 12 hours later and I am still unable to use it because the writer of all the documentation merely posts a link to yahoo and doesn’t really provide details on how to get the API needed.  As far as I can tell, the information provided by yahoo is geared towards helping me build my own application and not how to get that one little line of information I seek.  Then there is the fact that yahoo doesn’t actually use the word API, but consumer key (I’m assuming this is the info needed by plugin).  At either rate, I have added every consumer key and appID listed on the My Projects page.  I have also created new projects.  I have searched to ensure that the keyword I am seeking has questions and it does.  This plugin does not for me as far as the auto-posting goes.  What’s even more frustrating is that instead of being able to register and post a question in the forum for a plugin that I’ve already paid for, I have to apply for membership and then wait to be approved which further increases the time that I am unable to use the plugin because I have to come back and post the question after being approved.  I suppose it is my own fault for not posting a pre-sales question.  I would have seen that making things user-friendly is note at the forefront of the mission here. 

    I see that several people have asked this questions in the comments and although the developer has answered other questions for some reason information on what the API is has not been addressed.

    The documentation is very information on all aspects except the most important and that’s how to get the api from yahoo.  Really everything else is self explanatory.

  13. Thomas

    Is changing the color scheme something that’s in the Admin section? The six pre-made colored themes just don’t cut it.

    Alternatively, can you suggest a plugin that works for changing the colors in this theme, or is it easy to walk through someone who has bought the theme to changing the code? 

  14. this is a specific wp-plugin ,helps to change your site more interactive platform for your users

  15. Thanks for your detailed guide to WP Answers. I have just set up one on my website

    However, I cannot find the Contextual Adverts discussed above in the WP Answers admin panel. Could you please show me where to find it? Thanks a lot!

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