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Kitten, puppies, anything miniature… no matter how many times you try to deny it, everyone loves cute things! So embrace it! These 30 Cute WordPress Themes are fun, flirty, bright and show your softer side. I put together a list of my 30 favorite Cute WordPress Themes. Check them out ..da

Pretty Young Thing

Pretty Young Thing can capture the essence of your experience and reflect it back to a world that badly needs a dose of youthful exuberance!

Pretty Young Thing WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy theme for WordPress is built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax and progressively enhanced with CSS3 components for ultimate style. Cotton Candy provides Theme Options for a custom logo, custom favicon, custom patterns, custom link colors, custom link colors (hover, active), two layout choices, social links choices and tracking code for your Google Analytics code or other tracking code. Cotton Candy comes equipped with an Archives page template, Contact Form Template and Full Width Template and a different custom widgets. Support for featured images and special styles for 9 different post formats.

Cotton Candy WordPress Theme


PixelPower is a clean, modern, powerful WordPress tumblog-style theme designed for a wide variety of uses from bloggers to design portfolios. The responsive web design adapts from large to mobile screens, just resize the browser window to test it out, no additional setup required!

PixelPower WordPress Theme


Make your wedding planning and announcement a dream come true. Archive all the details of your vows — from engagement to reception — with the charm and simplicity of the Blissful theme.

Blissful WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)


Socialike is a responsive WordPress blog with post formats and social media pages. It includes some great features such as: responsive design, masonry gallery, responsive lightbox, social media pages, translation ready, unlimited sidebars and colors, 27 background image options and so much more!

Socialike WordPress Theme


Handmade is a cooking theme with beautiful, intricate design. It has multiple page templates and home page options. Homemade lets you add your own background, logo and social media links. It has some unique features such as beautiful galleries, home page, add your own tagline and social sharing.

Handmade WordPress Theme

Pure Elegance

Want to capture those very precious moments in time without losing the meaning of them? The gorgeous layout and color palettes of the Pure Elegance theme will keep those pristine memories and showcase them for the world to see.

Pure Elegance WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)


Colorfull, beautifull and adapative – Skramble is perfect for the creative individual who wants to showcase their work, blogging skills – or both! Skramble offers the unique possibility to ‘skramble’ both work and blogs together like it were your sunday morning eggs! Tasty!

Skramble WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio

“Retro Portfolio” is a WordPress Retro-style theme. It consists on a one-page portfolio with a blog and a contact section featuring a ajax contact form.

Retro Portfolio WordPress Theme

Family Tree

Your full life never stops making priceless memories…where do you put all those stories? Family Tree is a safe and imaginative home for your family’s unforgettable moments. It has 6 layout options, fixed width, theme options, featured images, and threaded comments.

Family Tree WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)


Morphis is a responsive WordPress Theme that adapts with any browser width, resolutions or devices. It is a great personal theme perfect for blogging or for showcasing your portfolio. Its clean and minimal design suits the modern look of web design today while not sacrificing clean and quality code. It is the perfect balance of form and function.

Morphis WordPress Theme


Snap is perfect for a creative agency, a modern freelancer or general business. Organic design, responsive layout, smooth shadows and a bunch of awesome features to make everyone happy.

Snap WordPress Theme


Magdalena, means cupcake in Spanish, is a chic WordPress theme designed for cupcake, food, and bakery shop. Available in two color skins (pink & blue). The theme is easily customized to fit in other type of business too.

Magdalena WordPress Theme


Go ahead, stand out from the crowd and let your originality move you to the front of the line. The bold, sleek styling and colorful, contemporary design of the Adorable theme makes remarkable blogging in a crowded world a snap! Adorable theme includes 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options, and threaded comments.

Adorable WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)

Sally Store

Introducing a fun-tastic chic eCommerce theme. Featuring dots, stripes and chevron pattern with ribbon shape. Available in two color choices; soft pink & happy bright color, Sally store is suitable for online boutique selling kids clothing or party event shop.

Sally Store WordPress Theme


Bellissima is a premium eCommerce WordPress WooCommerce theme with two unique color styles. It is loaded with a lot of jQuery features and a great list of layouts you may need for your e-shop.

Bellissima WordPress Theme

Le Breindel

Breindel means blessing, this theme is created for a wedding business in mind with floral pattern and a chic banner logo. Available in two color skins (yellow gray & blue pink). The theme is easily customized to fit in other type of business too.

Le Breindel WordPress Theme


Easy is a great Magazine WordPress Theme that offers a clean design and neat code. The rich theme admin panel and widgets enable you to control over your content, manage your advertisment, show your latest tweet, video, photos and much more.

Easy WordPress Theme


Montage is a premium Responsive Portfolio WordPress theme suited for Creatives, Designers, Photographers or any type of profession. It’s built upon OOP for a super duper fast back and front end experience. It’s so flexible that almost any structure or style is possible.

Montage WordPress Theme

Health and Beauty

The Health and Beauty theme is aimed at day spas, salons and other establishments where people go to get pampered or to engage in healthy activities. Like other Organic Themes creations, this one is simple in its default setup. The company designs its themes for flexibility. The theme is simple enough to make a very elegant site as is, but can easily be altered to accommodate any designs that you may have in mind.

Health and Beauty WordPress Theme


Nemesis is the Reponsive WordPress theme built for creative freelance designer website. It comes with many cool features ex. Skin manager, Flexible portfolio contents (including stylish AJAX portfolio), customizable elements’s color, font and background image and patterns. There are also 100+ advanced shortcodes with Shortcode Generator support. You can also use 300+ custom fonts from Google Web Fonts.

Nemesis WordPress Theme


Minimal Flexible and Responsive WordPress theme for Personal blog. Unlimited color themes. Easy customizing with help “Libra admin option”. Simple theme stylish design and ready for mobile devices. This theme made for your convenience and enjoyment!

Libra WordPress Theme


There’s a fine line between a note scribbled on a page, and a fully-formed, powerful idea. The Scribble Theme captures both sides of that line, and frames your work in it.Scribble combines the classic and the hand-made, to provide a unique template for your photos, text, and video. We know there’s a scribbler in you, now you’ve got your theme…

Scribble WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)


Leap is a Unique, Personal Blogging & Portfolio Theme for WordPress – it has everything to quickly and easily create an awesome, personal website. With room for customization and a simple installation, Leap is a must-have theme for your personal site.

Leap WordPress Theme


One of Organic Themes most popular themes, Portfolio makes good on its name. Ideal for photo galleries and blogs heavy in images, this theme offers a clean showcase for your content with out many distraction. There are several customizable options like headers, backgrounds, post types and more giving you the flexibility you want to make the site your own.

Portfolio WordPress Theme


Sky floats above the pack in style and its sense of whimsy is sure to leave your visitors surprised and refreshed. Sky is unique in the way it’s homepage operates, loading all of your content seamlessly using ajax. This means that no matter how many pages you have in the “slider,” your initial page load speed will be lightning fast as each page is only loaded when it is displayed.

Sky WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $39 (Price of Membership/ Access to all 70 + themes)


The beauty and durability of woven textiles have been the basis of magnificent design for centuries. We didn’t want our century to be left out… The Fabric theme provides a rich, authentic and fresh foundation to weave all of your content through

Fabric WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)

David Jones

David Jones is a WordPress theme designed for portfolios. It is strongly oriented toward the visual, with most of its front-page space being used to show off pictures. The theme does offer a spacious home page, which will be welcome among those who are accustomed to portfolio templates that tend to crowd out the page with a great deal of content. The theme is also designed in a way that allows special areas, such as the slider, to function well without intruding on the rest of the page and taking away from the content featured on it.

David Jones WordPress Theme

Modern Blogger

This theme was created with the modern day woman in mind. The colors, layout and overall design is geared towards helping your blog stand out among the crowd. Modern Blogger uses the Genesis framework from StudioPress to take your website to the next level. This combination of style and functionality is guaranteed to keep traffic flowing on your blog.

Modern Blogger WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $79.95 (Gets you theme and framework!)


Tilability is a clean and unique xHTML/CSS template. It was designed in Photoshop with a modern web2.0 look. It can be used, for example, for health & beauty websites! The template comes in 100% editable HTML pages and 12 layered PSD files; organized and well commented, making it easy to use and customize for practically any profession.

Tilability WordPress Theme

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links for which we will receive compensation if a purchase is made via the link.

Hi! I'm Nathan B Weller: writer, book lover, and digital publisher. I use WordPress to launch blogs, products, businesses and portfolios for myself and my clients. If you'd like to see what I'm up to on a regular basis stop by my website at www.nathanbweller.com.

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  1. I was expecting more pink and bright colored themes. Nice list of themes though. One I would add would be Celebee. =)

  2. Louise

    Pastel is the way to go when you want to make girly themes.

  3. Randa Clay

    There are some great feminine themes at DivaThemes.com. There are not enough of themes kinds of themes available in my opinion, so it’s nice to see a great selection in your post!

  4. Maria

    ¿Could I change colours from menú of “Theme Modern? Blogger”? In the example is blue, but I´dont like it. ¿It´s posible?? In others themes are posible. In this, I´cant to do in the demo..
    Thank you very Muchs

  5. Theme is wonderful

  6. Wowww amazing theme but is not free :(

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  8. I think the cute WordPress themes from Luvly are definitely missing in this list: http://luvly.co/categories/70/Wordpress-Templates. Maybe make this list a little longer?

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